General applications

See the dissemination tutorials "Space, sport, ergonomics and sphincters" published by the EU magazine "Science, Technology and Innovation Projects" and "What is sEMG?" on this website.

Neurophysiology and Movement Sciences

Investigations of the neuromuscular and motor control systems
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Rehabilitation Engineering

Techniques, instrumentation, models. Assessment of effectiveness of treatments.
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Healthy aging

Neurophysiology of aging. Assessment of effectiveness of treatments.
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Occupational and Performing Arts Medicine

Ergonomics and assessment of posture. Prevention of occupational pathologies. Studies on musicians.
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Sport Medicine

Training techniques. Assessment of performance and treatments.
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Obstetrics and prevention of child-delivery lesions

Pelvic floor muscles. Prevention of pathologies associated to episiotomy.
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Biofeedback techniques

Rehabilitation games. (Re-)Learning motor control by means of neuromuscular biofeedback techniques.
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External control of paralyzed limbs, prosthesis, assistive devices and robots

Myoelectric control of paralyzed limbs and of functional electrical stimulation devices. Functional control of prosthesis, assistive devices and robots.

Space Medicine

Effects of microgravity on the neuromuscular system. Design and assessment of countermeasures.