Curriculum Vitae - Short

Prof. Roberto Merletti, Ph.D.

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Personal data

Roberto Merletti
Place and date of birth
Torino, 6 Marzo 1945
Office address di Elettronica, Politecnico di Torino
Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24 Torino, 10129
tel. 011 090 7763 oppure 011 0904137,
E-mail: [email protected]
Last position
Full Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Dept. of Electronics, Politecnico di Torino, Italy (retired Nov 2015).
Director of the Lab. for Engineering of the Neuromuscular System (LISiN), Politecnico di Torino, Italy (retired Nov 2015).

University Education

1968Politecnico di Torino “Laurea” in Electronic Engineering
1970The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. Master of Science
1972The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A., Doctoral Degree (PhD)

Main teaching activities

1997 - 2015Director of the Laboratory for Engineering of the Neuromuscular System. Teaching of doctoral courses.
2005 - 2015Full Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Dept of Electronics, Politecnico di Torino, Italy. Teaching of “Biomedical Instrumentation”, “Engineering of the Neuromuscular System”, “Rehabilitation Engineering”.
1984 - 2005Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Dept of Electronics, Politechnic of Torino, Italy
1989 - 1994Associate Professor of “Biomedical Instrumentation” and of “Biomedical Signal Processing” Department of Biomedical Eng., Boston University, USA
1979 - 1984Assistant Professor of "Biomedical Instrumentation" at Polit. di Torino

Main activities in research and industry

2000 - 2016Supervisor of 10 PhD fellows (Brasil, Cina, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Pakistan)
1997 - 2015Director of the Laboratory for Engineering of the Neuromuscular System.
2008 - 2012Coordinator of the Project “Technologies for Anal Sphincter analysis and Incontinence” (TASI), Compagnia di San Paolo, Torino
2005 - 2008
  • Coordinator of the Marie Curie Project “Decomposition of multichannel surface electromyograms” (DEMUSE)
  • Partner of the European project “Cybernetic Manufacturing Systems” (CyberManS),
  • Coordinator of the ESA Project “Microgravity Effects on Skeletal Muscles”
  • Partner of the ASI Project “Osteoporosis and Muscle atrophy” (OSMA)
2005 - 2007Coordinator of National Project (PRIN) “Study of Muscular and Adrenocortical Responses to Training”
2001 - 2004
  • Coordinator of the European project “Neuromuscular Assessment of the Elderly worker” (NEW, 2001-2004)
  • Partner of the European project “On Asymmetry In Sphincters” (OASIS)
1997 - 2000Partner and Member of the Management Committee of the European Concerted action “Surface Electromyography for Non Invasive EMG” (SENIAM).
1998 - 2001Partner and Member of the Management Committee of the European Concerted action PROCID
1989 - 1994Research activity at the Neuromuscular Research Center of Boston University (USA)
1973 - 1979Research activity at the company "Sorin Biomedica" in the fields of cardiac and neuromuscular stimulation

Services to the Scientific Community

Associate Editor of Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology.

Member of the Editorial Board of Biomedical signal processing and control

Former member of the Editorial Board of IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering.

Former member of the Editorial Board of European J. of Applied Physiology

Former member of the Editorial Board of Physiological Measurement

Guest Editor of a Special Issue of Medical Engineering and Physics (July 1999)

Guest Editor of a Special Issue of Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology (October 2000)

Guest Editor of a Special Issue of Physiological Measurement (2009)

President of the Congress of Biomedical Engineering in Exercise and Sport (Torino, 2006)

President of the Congress of the International Society for Electrophysiology and Kinesiology (June 2006)

Recognitions and Honors:

Senior Member of The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

Fellow of the Intern. Society for electromyography and kinesiology (ISEK)

Summary of publications

Books 4
Chapters in international books 5
Chapters in national books 7
Publications in peer-reviewed international journals>150
Publications on National Journals 30
Publications in Proceedings of Intern. Congresses>150
Publications in Proceedings of National. Congresses20


Four patents registered by Politecnico di Torino

Publications: Books and Chapters of Books

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  2. Hermens H., Freriks B, Merletti R., Stegeman D., Blok J., Rau G., Disselhorst-Klug C., Hagg G., Raccomandazioni Europee per l’Elettromiografia di Superficie, Edizione italiana a cura di R. Merletti, Coop. Lib. Univ. Torinese (CLUT), ISBN 88-7992-1525, 2000
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Main recent publications on peer reviewed international journals (2010-2020).

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